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Natural Linoleum

Natural linoleum, which has been used for flooring for more than a century, is made from renewable biodegradable resources, including linseed oil from crushed flaxseed, pine rosin, cork and jute, and abundant nonrenewable resources, including limestone and clay. It is naturally fire and moisture resistant as well as sound absorbent. Many people mistakenly use the word linoleum to refer to vinyl flooring, which is made from petroleum.

Linoleum comes in sheets and tiles. Installing it is more complex than installing vinyl flooring. Always use a manufacturer-certified installer who is trained in properly preparing the subfloor and cutting and gluing the linoleum. Linoleum must be installed on a smooth, dry surface. Do not allow contractors to use the same glues and methods for installing linoleum as they do for vinyl. Follow the manufacturer's recommendation for adhesives.

For easier do-it-yourself installations, some linoleum brands are available as floating floor products, with the linoleum laminated to a tongue-and-groove backing made from wood fiber and cork.

Waxing is not recommended as it introduces potentially harmful chemicals and requires periodic stripping and resealing. In high traffic areas, sealers can be applied to increase resilience.

The Green Product Directory features natural linoleum products that are certified to have low VOC emissions and that are intended for use in homes.

Armstrong LinoleumMarmorette Linoleum Flooring
It’s not your grandmother’s linoleum anymore! These days, linoleum floors have a whole new image: colorful, fashionable and environmentally friendly. Armstrong's residential linoleum flooring is available in traditional marbled patterns in nine colors, including warm earth tones that highlight its organic qualities. If you choose Armstrong linoleum flooring, unless you have a lot of experience as a flooring DIYer, don’t try to install it yourself. Hire a professional, Armstrong-certified... LEARN MORE ►

Forbo Flooring SystemsMarmoleum Sheet Linoleum
Marmoleum, Forbo's brand of linoleum, is a natural product made from 97% natural raw materials, 70% of which are rapidly renewable, along with a 40% recycled content. It is a very durable floor and easy to clean, thanks to its Topshield2 finish. Marmoleum is made in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Marmoleum is available in sheets or tiles that should be professionally installed. For do-it-yourself installations, consider Marmoleum Click, which consists of the original Marmoleum product ... LEARN MORE ►

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